There’s true solace in the present. It fosters control, something grounded in intention, residing in the now. Smoking cannabis, however you choose, is just that. It’s a moment in time.

Our world is ever-changing, in ever-turmoil, and ever-stimulating. Remember the first time you smoked an overpriced 10 bag from a soda can and went ballistic in a candy isle? Or listened to Voodoo Chile with the iTunes equalizer after your first spliff? Well these moments have impact. They have clout. I think it’s called nostalgia. We need these to be human, to be kind, to be here.

As the world gets worse and society begins to draw back into its shell – ready to be reborn – we need time to consider and contemplate. We need friends, family. We need conversation, revolution, progression. We need perspective. And we need connection.

And that connection needs an ashtray.

The quieter you become, the more you can hear...